MOBILE BLAST CLEANING of bricks, beams, stone and steel (ideal for beams and brickwork i.e. fire places. Also rust removal on cars, tractors etc.). The list is endless.

LOW PRESSURE CLEANING for delicate work such as brick, ornate brick ,stone and timberwork.
 I can use pressures ranging from 10 psi up to 100psi giving plenty of scope to find how to remove it at the least pressure to ensure the best clean for the job.
I also use a wide range of blast media from the very fine and soft calcium carbonate to crushed glass and copper slag. Each job is different and may require a different media.

Water can also be added to supress dust , this can be from a couple of pints an hour to 10s of gallons depending on where we are working and site conditions.

CHEMICAL CLEANING of brick and stonework to remove dirt and grime without damage. This involves pre washing the surface with a water pressure washer.This removes the first layer of grime and dirt. Then apply a chemical that is designed to loosen the dirt and grime.
Then wash down with hot/ cold water to remove the chemical and dirt.
This process then is repeated as needed to get down to the level of cleaness you require. Different chemicals are sometimes used to take off different layers of dirt or grime. This method works very well with dirty brickwork.

CHEMICAL PAINT STRIPPING of brick and stonework enables the removal of many different sorts of paints and coatings without damage to surfaces.
A lot of modern paint (paint manufactured by the chemical industry etc) can be imposible to get off using the blasting method and if it could be done the damage would be too great. The problem the new paint causes is that it's flexible and bendy and resists the removal.
So one answer is to apply a paint stripper to soften and lift the paint from the surface, then remove it with a hot water /steam cleaning machine.
This does give excellent results. Works really well with painted brick and stonework.

STEAM CLEANING for removal of paint, dirt and grime.
Good for removing moss, algae etc.

This again can be a tricky little number as we have to remove the graffiti with one of the methods above. We need to be careful not to over clean the area as to make it stand out . One of the above methods should do the trick .

As you can see I have a few different ways of removing what you need to remove.
So if you have something to remove, give me a call and we can discuss your needs.

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